Possible skill builds – Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide

Each Unit can use 5 diferent skills at once which are obtained through reclassing. Here is a list of efective potential skill combonations that allow your unit

FE Awakening Lunatic+ Step 0: Get Started with Lunatic+

FE Awakening Lunatic+ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOeva3nmrCz1eHDVGZfioI4d_Y2XsPL6L

I’ll be playing through Lunatic+ Difficulty on Fire Emblem Awakening. Everything is allowed, including DLC, Avatar Logbooks, Renown, whatever, aside from savestates and anything not possible in the normal game. I won’t be doing any additional challenges on top of Lunatic+ since the difficulty is already quite considerable.

Lunatic+ difficulty is identical to Lunatic difficulty, except every enemy has additional powerful skills selected at random, such as Vantage+ (always attacks first), Luna+ (always halves enemy defense when attacking), or Counter (redeals nonlethal damage taken to attacker). Various combinations of these skills can make certain maps impossible to beat, especially early on. Some enemies even have special unique skills to make them even more of a challenge.

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Inheriting Skills CORRECTLY – Beginner’s Guide – Fire Emblem Heroes

Hey guys, here’s another video for new players. In this video, I show you how to inherit skills the right way.
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Fire Emblem Awakening Character Guide – NOT a Tier List

I go over all the characters in Fire Emblem Awakening, and discuss not just how hard (or easy) they are to use, but also how you’d best go about using them. Based on Normal/Hard Mode. On these difficulties you can really use anyone and make them good, especially if you’re using overworld encounters and/or grinding. It’s a fun sandbox!

For Lunatic Mode, the advice is roughly the same, except it’s a lot less forgiving and the easiest way to play is to just focus on a single character (especially Robin) to storm through the game.

Other character guides:

BGM: Golden Sun & The Lost Age

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