Crusader Class Build and Paragon Guide – Diablo: Immortal Guide

The Crusaders are very versatile characters that can either take the role of the tank, the support, or even both! They usually stay in the frontlines buffing

Crusader Guide – Diablo Immortal Season 1

Ride forth as the glorious Crusader and dominate your foes with this complete guide!

Includes builds that can be used for Solo, Group, Raids, Challenge Rifts, and PvP. Includes all Skills, Legendary Items, Starter Legendary Gems, and Best In Slot Legendary Gems!

Read our written Maxroll Crusader Build Guide –

0:00 Intro
0:37 Strengths
2:08 Weaknesses
3:41 Starting Out
4:59 Solo Build – Steed and Slaughter
7:38 Group and Raids Build – Holy Fire
10:43 Solo Challenge Rifts Build – Light’s Fury
13:03 PvP Build – Stun Stampede
15:34 Set Items
16:06 Starter Legendary Gems
17:25 Best In Slot Legendary Gems
18:59 ALL Skills
24:05 ALL Legendary Items
28:46 Outro

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Best Crusader Build Diablo Immortal for 0€, PvP and PvE without spending any real monney !

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Best Crusader Build Diablo Immortal PvP & PvE for 0€ : (00:00)
Skills versatile and specific: (00:38)
Easily get legendary and set items without paying: (02:07)
Gems setup with 1-2 stars and normal gems: (03:37)
Equipment level 60 and skill combos: (04:46)
Best Crusader Sets: (06:35)
Where to find best Crusader Sets: (07:32)
Paragon, Horadric powers and infernal reliquary: (08:29)
PvP MvP Gameplay: (08:50)
Rifts gameplay: (09:36)
Lassal Raid Gameplay: (10:30)
Don’t forgot to follow our channel, thanks!: (12:35)

If you’re looking for an ultra-powerful character to be good at all Diablo Immortal activities and without spending money, I highly recommend my Crusader build, one of the best for farming PvE and destroying PvP!

Build link:

Diablo Immortal Dm Gaming
By Alchemists, Juin 2022
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Paragon Guide! Best Skills & Trees For All Classes | Diablo Immortal

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Paragon Guide! Best Skills & Trees For All Classes | Diablo Immortal